Sunday, September 2, 2012

i shouldn't be left alone.

I have been all alone since Friday morning.  Well, I mean, I've interacted with human beings, but my husband left me (!) from Friday to Monday night (okay, just for the weekend, but still?!).  For an extreme extrovert this is a long time to be alone.  So, I've been getting projects done... half done- I'm also a little disorganized so I "project hop" from one thing to the next (Mom, if you are reading this, you know I get this from you!).  I've run, spent quality time with my dog, done a little cleaning and shopping, cooked, napped, and rested a bit.  I guess it's been alright to spend some time alone, but I'll be honest and say I can't handle much more of this!!

I AM grateful for Labor Day Weekend, however.  

Timber is doing a really good job, lately, of staying on the porch while I do projects.  This was in the midst of cleaning out my car, which, I'll be frank, NEEDED IT.  I got that turquoise tin tub in the background there at an estate sale on Friday that was amazing.

Timber waits for scraps in the kitchen... no success.

I love my house, I love my kitchen, I love exposed brick in my house/kitchen.  And check out the little system for opening the window above the back door.  Ugh, I would've hated to live in this house a hundred years ago in the summertime, when opening that window would have been necessary.

I made butternut squash soup.  No recipe, really, but I boiled hunks of squash, poured out most of the water, added chicken boullion and italian spice, salt and pepper, and then I used my hand blender to blend it with a little sour cream at the end.  Also good with some parm on top.

Also, I'm coloring.  With markers.

And, for a final confession, I mix funfetti cake mix with sugar free vanilla creamer.  It's a delicious little dessert.  But, it's also why I shouldn't be left alone!

Have a great Labor Day, tomorrow! 

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